Not My Friend After All . . .

I had to go on an errand yesterday. I pulled into the parking lot and saw my friend in the passenger seat. I could not clearly see her husband, but I was so excited to see them out and about!

I can never do anything traditional like get out and walk up to someone and say hello. Nope, not me! I get all excited and drive right up to the passenger side car door and make a face like, “Gasp! I almost hit you!”

The lady, who turned out to not be my friend after all, was not really excited about seeing me. In fact, she almost had a very angry look in that glare that she was giving me. My smiling at her never even helped to change her face.

I backed up and parked and looked back over at them and they were just sitting in the van staring ahead like nothing had happened. I don’t think they even wanted to get to know me! Haha.

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