Mysterious Disappearances . . .

Years ago, I saw Seinfeld do a bit about missing socks.  He says that the dryer is their only chance to escape and they all know it.  He says, “They do escape from the dryer.  They plan it the night before in the hamper. Tomorrow.  The Dryer.  I am going.”  He goes on to say how the dryer door swings open and the sock is leaning up against the side wall.  Then he makes a series of faces and movements pretending he is the sock and is hiding.  His facial expressions, especially the eyes just kill me.   That always makes me laugh.  I can actually picture a sock come to life doing just that.  Where do they go anyway??!! Some have said they actually get stuck somewhere in the insides of the dryer.  I have no idea, but I am CERTAIN that it is not me losing them.  There were always unmatched pairs and it drove me nuts.  Check Seinfeld out on you tube, it is a funny bit.  I think of him every time I have a sock come up missing and I can see his face.  I do not really care for Seinfeld like everyone seems to, but I do laugh a lot at that skit.

We have actually had our dryer apart for repairs over the years.  We have been through about three dryers over the years and I am here to tell you that no socks have ever been found by us on the insides of the dryer!  So, maybe Seinfeld is right.  They escape and end up having little faces sewn on them and are worn on hands as puppets.  Who knows!  Yes, it is a comedy and yes, it is funny, but it is a true conundrum.  I thought perhaps the children lost them or something, but now that it is just us two grownups . . . adults…. where are the socks??  I mean, we are responsible, right?

The second issue I have are the tupperware/rubermaid lids to the storage containers. Where in the world do they go?  I attributed that to the younger ones in the house too.  Perhaps when they unloaded the dishwasher as their chores, they were put in the wrong places?  Perhaps they inadvertently tossed them in the garbage can after dinner.  Who knows the answer to that.  However, once again, it is just us two grownups now and I have cleaned and downsized my cabinet contents.  All containers had lids to begin with.  Note that I said to begin with.  They are once again missing in action. I know this is perhaps something that all people joke about but again, the struggle is real.  I know for a fact that they are returned to the proper storage place and I know that we have not accidentally thrown any of the lids away.  It drives me nutty as well.  I will have to see if there is a skit on the lid disappearances later on.

We know for a fact that we have lost several a pizza cutter and/or knife by leaving it in the pizza box.  Someone will then come up and carry the box out to the garbage and the cutter is forever gone.  We purchase a new one and try to remember to catch the box before it leaves the building.  (Of course, the box does not actually leave the building, one of us takes the box out of the building.  Haha. I just pictured the box running out the door and us trying to catch it!  Haha!) We are not always diligent enough, though. We know the answer to their disappearance without a doubt.  However, we do not throw away any lids, there is nothing I can think of that we would throw them away in.  They are not used for transporting, so they are not left behind any place.

I am sorry if this has already been mentioned, but I am down three lids now and I have resorted to still using the container and then putting the container in a gallon baggie to close the container up.  I would rather have a lid to wash and reuse.  I refuse to buy more containers with lids, though.  Just saying.  I guess it may depend on how many baggies I use and the cost.

Has anyone heard any theories on these lids and their disappearance?





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