Mrs. Evelyn Perkins – Wonderful Woman!

I was looking out the window and not liking how it looks like it is near bedtime when it is mid morning.  I have never liked the gloomy days.  That is one reason I like snow.  Snow makes everything so bright and pretty.  If there is not going to be sunshine, than I want snow.  I just like bright! Bright makes me happy.  It makes me energetic.  Gloomy makes me want to lay around and just go to bed.  I am sure I am not the only one that feels this way?

I had the pleasure of knowing a woman named Evelyn Perkins.  You remember, I speak of my friend, Dorothy, on here.  Dorothy was mother to our pastor, John Best.  Evelyn Perkins is John Best’s mother-in-law.  She was just as wonderful as Dorothy, in my opinion.  I loved them both, dearly.

If I am correct on this, I believe Mrs. Perkins lived to be 106 years old.  She came to church at 105 I believe.  It was either 105 or 104 that she still walked right up the steps of the church.  She was so “Perky” as she would laugh and say.

Once you got to the stop of the stairs, there was a long pew that you could sit on.  After services, I would often sit there with Mrs. Perkins and talk with her.  She was such a delight to talk with.  She always had something positive to say.  She loved my children.  She would watch them and the other children go by playing and giggling.  She would talk about each one and how she loved this or that about them. She always had a smile, a beautiful smile, on her face.

It was so gloomy one day and I mentioned how I did not like it one bit. This gloomy day is what reminded me of her.  I said that I needed the sunshine. She nodded her head and smiled at me.

She said yes, you do need the sunshine, but I would think that you would need the “Son-shine” more.  If you have the “Son-shine” then you will always feel like you have the sunshine.

I miss you so much Mrs. Perkins.  You showed the “Son-shine” to everyone!

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