Sort Of A Bad Hour For Me . . .

GRRRR!  I have the worst moments some times.

Do any of you at all have problems with bugs/insects, crawling or flying things?  I absolutely cannot step on a bug, especially the more crunchy ones that are so loud to hear crunch when you smash them. In the movie, The Lion King, Timon and Pumbaa, who are friends of Simba, refer to them as “the cream filled juicy kind.”

I cannot explain it but my whole body sort of gets goose bumps and I sort of shiver and cringe with a feeling that goes clear through my entire body. It is hard to explain, but that is close.  If I step on a crunchy one, my whole foot feels tingly and horrid. Haha. These feelings last for awhile and sometimes it makes me tear up and even cry.  I know, I am a baby and how did I grow up in the country and how do I love camping?  Anyway, consequently, I have learned to reach down and take off my shoe and beat the insect brutally.  I am then able to have a normal feeling foot.  Exterminating them that way does not seem to bother me and that is a good thing because then I know exactly where they are and that is not crawling around in my house!  A fly swatter will work too but I am not usually carrying them around with me.

Okay, that out of the way, today . . . I go outside to check how my green beans are coming along.  Since I had that tick bite, I check every part when I come back in.  Yep!  There is a tick on my shoe.  I flushed him down the toilet all swaddled in a piece of toilet paper.  He will forever be a sewer mummy.  (At least I hope they can drown!)  I almost am over feeling like my head is crawling with them and I have almost stopped scratching.

Next, I decide to go downstairs to my craft rooms.  When we were moving Shelby yesterday, her father, aka Wessie, broke one of her favorite things.  I examined it before we left and was going to go down and see if I had the stuff to attempt to make her a new one.  I know it will not be as nice as what she had purchased, but perhaps it would make her happy.

Somehow, and I do not know how . . . I was sitting on the floor going through stuff and felt a small lump under my leg.  I stood up and sure enough there was one of my very favorite things . . . NOT!!!!!  One of the famous camel crickets was under my leg and had been slightly crunched by me and was still squirming around.  I started screaming and doing a happy dance like Wessie always does!  Oh gosh!  My whole body was disgusted.  I thought I would vomit.  I had smashed him with me!  My leg will never feel the same. Ugh.  I went and got the spray and totally buried him in it.  I will never be able to smash them with anything because they jump right back at you, so I headed for the spray.  He was still trying to survive.  What I hate the most is that it seems like their legs just detach instantly.  So, I horridly witnessed those huge legs fall off of him.  I begin to cry and called my Shelby for comfort.  Not because I killed him, but because I wanted to cut off my leg.  You see, she knows just how I feel.  I got my sympathy and began to feel better.  That thing will lay there all week until Wes comes home, though.  Guess I won’t be going into that room for awhile.

Well, not knowing how or where he came from and with my legs still feeling tingly and like things are crawling on me, I take my clothes off and go throw them in the washer.  I figure I may as well do an entire load so I pick up the clothes off of the floor.  We have a laundry chute that deposits the clothes into the laundry room.  There were only a few on the floor that were mine from when I bathed last night, so I thought I would throw them in the washer too.  I picked up a spider along with them!!!  OMG!!!!! I cannot believe three within an hour! We do spray the yard and the basement, which is a nice, finished basement.  I guess with all of the rain, Wes will have to spray again.

I will miss going down to the basement.  That is where all of my hobbies and crafts are, my exercise equipment, my tanning bed and my washer and dryer. One thing is that the centerpieces and decorations for Shelby’s reception need to be finished, but I guess there is not that much of a hurry.  Haha.  I did want to be slightly tanned for the reception as well.  Do they still sell hose? Also, who needs those clothes that are in the washer anyway?  Lol.  One more thought, I have this longer, thick, curly hair, perhaps he came in on that.  Maybe I should get a buzz cut?

When I told Wes about the camel cricket,  he said he had not seen a camel cricket for such a long while since he sprayed.  I told him he needed to spray again and that I was moving to a different house!


2 thoughts on “Sort Of A Bad Hour For Me . . .

  1. Yikes! Sounds like a creepy day! I used to have severe arachnophobia until we moved to the countryside… now I smash, crunch and squash spiders on a daily basis. Sometimes I feel bad, but I’m never sure which bite or not so I’m not taking any chances.


    1. Absolutely! It is better to eliminate them! I feel bad sometimes too but I like to know they will not be crawling on me!


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