Nomination – Liebster Award!! Wow!


WOW!  I was nominated for the Liebster Award!

Liebster award

I was nominated by Retrodee (Retro Dee’s Guide to the Best Era) Retro Dee’s Guide to the Best Era Ever You should go check out her blogs!  They are always fun, interesting and informational.  Thank you so much for the nomination!!  I truly appreciate it.

The rules are:

  1.  Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2.  Display your award.
  3.  Answer the questions you were asked by the blogger who nominated you.
  4.  Nominate 5 other bloggers.
  5.  Ask 6 new questions for your nominees to answer.
  6.  Let your nominees know they were nominated and give them a link to your post.

I already thanked Retrodee! You will love reading her blogs!  She especially loves Buddy Holly which you will find out when you read her retro blogs.  Please go and check her out!  Her personality shines through all of her blogs.  I unfortunately cannot figure out how to get a link to the other’s sites.  She is Retro Dee’s Guide to the Best Era Ever.

The questions she asked are as follows:

Here are 6 questions for my nominees to answer:

  1. Who are your favorite bands/music artists?  I have way too many to pick just a few.  I love all genres.  Country favorites for a few would be George Straight, Toby Keith, Waylon and Willie and on and on.  I just love music.  Rock – The Beatles, Elvis, Joe Walsh, James Gang, Steve Miller, Nilssen.  As far as heavy metal, only two that I know of and that would be are Synovial and Endostalgia.  I do not know what type of music this is, but I love Kings of Leon.  I could stay on this subject forever and name and name songs and artists, but I will move on.  I just LOVE music!
  2. What is your favorite Disney movie? (does not need to be animated) Hands down, it is The Lion King.
  3. How did you decide to write a blog?  I have always, kept a sort of journal since I was a child.  My father encouraged me to write.  He said I should write down things I think of and stories.  Then he told me to write what bothered me and to burn it so I could release it.  I have been doing that ever since.  When my children moved out, I was so lonely (still am a lot of the times).  I decided I would write things so they would be able to have a way of remembering them we are gone and for them to laugh with and to share.
  4. Do you collect anything? Yes.  If so, what do you collect? I have stopped collecting as much since I am older now.  I have a collection of The Wizard Of Oz Memorabilia.  I have a collection of tea cups and pots (stackables) that my sister started collecting for me.
  5. What really grinds your gears?  Mean people.
  6. What is your favorite quote and who said it? This is a hard one.  I cannot think of one at the moment. I do, however, quote the Wizard of Oz often when it is appropriate.  For instance . . . “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”, “a lot of people without brains do an awful lot of talking” and “unusual weather we are having, ain’t it?”

Dee absolutely made my day!  I was so happy and touched.  She said such sweet things about me.   She posted this:    Nominee #3: Following The Yellow Brick Road (and laughing all the way) Next is a lady whose stories are interesting, funny and make you feel right at home as you read them. It’s like having tea with a good friend, complete with the smiles and all.

Click on the red underlined items to go to the various blogs. My nominees would be right back at Retrodee.  Retro Dee’s Guide to the Best Era Ever

Kerry Williams is a traveler and her blogs and photos are the best!  Kerry Williams Next would be In Diane’s Kitchen.  In Diane’s Kitchen .  She has the most wonderful recipes.   Krystalspring is another that I like.  She has gluten free recipes and those are always good to find!  Krystalspring  I just recently started following a scrapbooking site as well and I really like that too.    A to Z scrapbooking

Now all I guess that I have left to do would be to come up with 6 questions for my nominees:

  1.  How do you come up with what to write about?
  2. How is your favorite Author?
  3. Do you have any hobbies?
  4. What do you like best about blogging?
  5. What famous person would you like most to be like? In other words, who inspires you the most?
  6. What is your favorite part of the country?

Thank you again, Retrodee!  I was so excited for the nomination.  That was so very nice of you.  When my friends go check out the people that I nominated, also check out the people that Retrodee nominated on her blog.  Happy Readings!

How fun blogging is!






8 thoughts on “Nomination – Liebster Award!! Wow!

    1. You are welcome! I love your blogs. Yes I am planning on seeing the new one. It is my guess that the original will still be the best though! Hope you enjoy it too!


  1. Thank you so much for the nomination! I love the wizard of oz quotes you listed! I will post next week be sure to link back to your blog.


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