Along Came A Spider . . .

Yes, yes, I know, I keep posting about all of these crawling things.  Well, that is because I cannot even believe these things that happen.  After I told my daughter this last story, she said, “I think you are the bug queen of the county!  They are following you everywhere!”  She must be right.

Imagine this . . . my husband and I are sitting at a restaurant which I will not name because it is a good restaurant and it is clean.  We are eating and this spider comes, not crawling, but running from one end of the table and directly between my husband and I.  We are sitting across from each other, not side by side.  I see the spider and gasp and immediately jump up out of my chair.  I am standing beside the table and the spider is running so fast that he runs off of the end of the table and onto the floor.

My husband turns around in his chair and starts stomping the spider.  He has so much tread on his shoe that fortunately for the spider, he is stomping the spider in the cracks of the tread and misses the spider and the spider just keeps running.  Funny thing, though, the spider is like he is on a race track and keeps running in circles.  I am too busy concentrating on whether or not my husband gets that spider that I have not noticed the other customers watching us.  One lady yells out, “he is stomping it!”.  That gets my attention and I look up and they are all watching.  Not wanting the restaurant to lose any business, I quickly tell them it is just a spider.  You all know me, I probably have never in my life said it is JUST a spider!!  How silly of me!  Haha.  I did not want them to think that a roach was the critter in question, though.  That makes a big difference in an eating establishment.

I get the customers satisfied and quieted down and then focus on my husband who is fiercely stomping away.  I tell him to stop for a minute and I explain that he keeps missing because of his tread in his shoes.  It did not matter that my husband stopped stomping the spider because that spider thought he was at the Indy 500.  He was still just running laps. I instruct him to step on the spider and then to twist his foot so that he is smashing the spider with the toe of his shoe where there is no tread.  Of course, since I am a critter expert, it worked.  Mission is accomplished!

My husband smiles and turns around and starts to eat again. Guess what, I am no longer hungry regardless.  It is not that the place is dirty, it did not bother me that the spider was on the table.  What bothered me was that my husband said it crawled out of my napkin.  The napkin I had been using on my mouth.  I am almost positive that he was incorrect as he was busy eating and not actually looking around.  However, it was a good meal while I was eating it.  Haha.


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