Thinking of Pastor Best . . .

We met Pastor Best when we purchased our house. It was his mother’s home and he was helping her to sell it. He showed us the house, we bought it and saw him again at the closing along with his mother. There are a vast amount of stories to tell after meeting them as we became close friends but i have a short little thing to say now about Pastor Best.

We, of course, all were saved at that church and all started faithfully attending. Wes had to go out of town for work for an entire month! I had 3 small children with me at home and at times at night I was scared! I hated that and I hated nighttime.

Pastor Best said something to me that I have never forgotten. He said, “God is awake all night. You might as well sleep.”

Today in The Daily Bread was this message. It totally reminded me of Pastor.

The last sentence is what reminded me of Pastor’s wise words. He thanks God for being awake and present with him through the night. I thank God for this as well! Those words from Pastor have comforted me often.

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