A New Battle!

Added to the squirrel/chipmunk feeding battle are the starlings or black birds.  Whatever they are they are big, black with a blue/green head.  I think Starling is what they are, at least when googling images that is what I think they are.

Anyway . . . OMG!  Boy do they rock a bird feeder.  We have the long rectangular feeder that is supposed to close if something larger  gets on the feeder, particularly a squirrel.

squirrel be gone
This is what we have.  It is Squirrel Be Gone from Perky Pet. 

My sister gave this to us.  So, just an fyi, it does work for the squirrels.  The problem is those black birds have figured it out!  They hang on to the corners of the feeder and then bend down and grab a peanut!  Since they are on the corner, the opening does not close shut. Since Friday, they have drained a full feeder.  My husband continually rehangs the feeders in different places and different ways in an attempt to keep the squirrels out of the others.  You should google images of squirrels on feeders.  If you have not dealt with them, they are totally and completely awesome acrobats.  They can jump, swoop, reach and almost fly to any feeder!  It sometimes is fun to watch them perform but it still angers me that they empty the feeder by shaking the seeds all out.  I feel sorry for the birds, though.  They are probably tired of me playing hide and seek with them!

The squirrels are becoming too use to me because when I go running out the door in my feeble attempts to scare them away, they stand their ground and stare me down.  they even start that clicking noise and shaking their tail to summon others.  It comes down to a game of chicken.  Who will retreat first?  So far, I am the winner, but as they are becoming more and more brave, I think I may have to retreat.  Those claws look pretty dang sharp.

So, back to the starlings, I took the feeder and put it in his workshop so they could not eat any longer.  I hated to do it because that is where I put the peanuts.  The woodpeckers just love the peanuts and I love the woodpeckers! It is not that I think just because the starlings are big and ugly they should not eat.  Everybody and everything, regardless of looks should eat.  Haha.  I just do not like for them to drain the feeder.  It can be too costly to feed the birds then.  I thought perhaps if it were gone for a few days, they would seek food elsewhere.  They do tend to scare off the other birds as well.  The others will not come around while they are dominating the place.

I was telling my husband about them when he called from the road today.  He said there was a spring that I could adjust on the feeder.  I did not know that as he is usually the hanger!  So, I have adjusted it to the lightest degree and put it back out.  We shall see what happens now!  Wish me luck!



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