Bridal Shower – Murder Mystery

from my camera 033.JPG
The Engaged Couple – Shelby and Jerry

Our daughter will be getting married soon.  Yesterday was her bridal shower hosted by her Aunt Georgia and Cousin Megan.  They did such a beautiful job decorating, making decorations, hosting, arranging, everything!  A huge thank you to them for making this very special for our daughter and her fiance. 

Above are photos of the cake and cookies that were served.  The cake is made totally from cupcakes!  They are both so cute!  The hostesses arranged everything.  In addition to the cake and cookies showed above, they provided food and beverages and games along with the standard bridal shower fanfare.  The bride-to-be, however, had a plan of her own.  She shared this plan with a few people who were to be involved in her plan.  She asked that her father and mother (Wes and myself) speak after the shower games were finished.  Her father gave a great speech, both heartfelt and humorous.  My turn was next.  As planned, I attempted to give my speech but collapsed and died at the table!  My daughter was shaking me and calling out, “Mom! Mom!”  My son, Cody, quickly approached. Cody lifted me and carried me out of the room.  People were so shocked and surprised and some were starting to call 911.  Suddenly murder music started to play and my daughter yelled….”She’s been murdered!  No one leave the room!”  Shelby is turning the shower in to a murder mystery!!!

She went out to get props and her and Aunt Georgia put on detective hats.  They were the investigators.  What a great idea of Shelby’s!  Shelby wrote the play and had several suspects with motives.  Shelby and Georgia investigated each and every one.   There were even evidence bags found on the suspects filled with the item they used to kill me.

After the suspects, evidence and motives were revealed, Shelby handed out a “Suspect List” for the guests to try to guess the murderer.

suspects list
What a cute little form she made!

She read each and every one’s guess and then she revealed the real motive and the murderer.  The murderer was actually Aunt Georgia! My husband, Wes and son, Cody, escorted Aunt Georgia out of the room. What a great time!  I think this was a really great idea that Shelby had!  It was such fun! I think the guests enjoyed it too and were all surprised.  People actually believed I had passed out or something and were beginning to get concerned.  It was great!

shelby and georgia
Shelby and her Aunt Georgia, the murderer.  Lol!
shelby and megan
Shelby and her cousin, Megan.

Thank you again, Georgia and Megan for the wonderful Bridal Shower that you gave to Shelby and Jerry!

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Wes, our daughter, Shelby, Myself, our son, Cody.

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