Dorothy And The Masked Waiter

When I was telling the story on here about Shelby’s “surprise” at the wedding shower, I was reminded of a “surprise” story that my friend, Dorothy told me. This surprise was on Dorothy! As I was not at this surprise, I only know what I was told and I am relying upon my memory. I did speak with some of her children to gather some more information, Barbara, Brenda and Gary. I may leave something out and get something wrong, but the story is still a great one! I am piecing together what they told me along with what I remember Dorothy telling me.

First of all, some background. This family, from the short time I have known them seem to be a family full of adventures. I struggle with words, but they are creative, fun loving and somewhat pranksters. They love to have fun and they love to surprise. Dorothy was such a fun friend. If there was something to do, she was right in the middle of it. She loved a laugh and was lots of laughs. At times, (okay, maybe a lot of times) Dorothy was even an instigator. A lot of the fun times we had were her idea! Her children, of course, are a lot like her as you will read below.

So, this leads us to a dinner, I am pretty sure it was for Dorothy’s birthday. They were going to eat at an Amish restaurant in Arcola, Arthur or someplace. Gary, her son, lives in California so he had called her a little before the dinner to speak with her.

Brenda, her daughter, was taking Dorothy to the restaurant. Dorothy kept wanting to go shopping. Brenda told her maybe after they ate. Dorothy wanted to shop first. All of these people were going to be meeting at the restaurant to eat with Dorothy and Brenda needed to get her there. Brenda won. They went to the restaurant and Dorothy was very excited to see everyone.

There was this waiter who must have known it was Dorothy’s special day because he was giving her such great treatment. Perhaps her children had forewarned the waiter and he was helping to make her day special. I remember Dorothy thinking he was so worried about her order and she thought he needed to be concerned with what other people wanted to eat as well. She said he was very attentive to her.

She was giggling and laughing so much telling this story to me. The waiter began flirting with her so! He was even asking her for a kiss. She just would not even look at this man. She said he was a nice looking man, but she was ignoring him now to get him to go away. He had on an apron and a hat and he had a really long beard. The waiter was behind Dorothy and was asking for a kiss. She was giggling and getting a little flirty back. Probably you would not call it flirty, but she was playing along. She was just such a friendly person.

The waiter was trying his best to get her to look at him but she would not turn around. I remember that she went on and on telling me how nice he was but she just wanted him to leave her alone. She did not want any part of a kiss to this stranger, even if it was only on his cheek, but she did not want to hurt his feelings or embarrass him in front of everyone. So, she eventually said, “Here I will just pat your face.” She told me that it embarrassed her to even do that. But she thought it would make him go away. So she patted his face quickly. All the while, she kept her good humor and was smiling and laughing.

The waiter got her to talk about her son. The waiter then told her he was her son. She said that her son was in California. They argued and the waiter said he WAS her son. Dorothy informed the man that she had just talked to her son on the phone and he was definitely in California!

The waiter would not give up. He wanted her to turn around for that kiss. He finally did get her to turn around and he had pulled his beard down. Keep in mind, that Gary, in Dorothy’s mind, was in California. Gary said it took her about a full 10 seconds to believe that it was actually Gary that was the waiter!!! She just could not believe her eyes! I know for a fact that she then kissed that waiter’s cheek! What a fun, fun surprise for Dorothy. Gary said he had on this really ridiculous beard but in Dorothy’s mind he was in California, so she never made the connection. He said that when he made the call to her he was either on the highway on the way there or sitting in the parking lot of the restaurant.

Here is a picture of that waiter and his mother! Haha. Just look at his mother’s smile!

Dorothy has another son, John, who is a Pastor. We all attend the church. Just before Pastor started Sunday’s sermon, he shared the story. Dorothy’s face was so cute as Pastor was telling this, she was just sitting there laughing and smiling. These children and this family have such fun times. They all were such good children to Dorothy. They always were doing nice things like this for her and sharing such fun times. What one did not think of another one did! The children are still carrying on this way.

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