Miscellaneous Charleston, Illinois Newspaper Clippings . . .

June 8, 1954.  I remember Mervin Beil, George Milliner and Melvin Taylor.   My Grandpa, P. B. Hutton is in the photo below. 





I love that Grandpa said, “Thank you My friends” at the end!


This clipping is a little blurry at the beginning, but for some reason, that is how it was in the scrapbook as well.  I am sorry. 


This is my very favorite!  Grandma and Grandpa celebrated their 42nd Wedding Anniversary!  It is so cute how they say he attended the meeting wearing a brand new fancy wrist watch!  It is so cute that they say they need to mow and a few blisters will prove the point!
Wow! Eastern State College used 37,485,000 gallons of water for a cost of $5,810.11!!!!
Haha!  That is good news!  Grandpa had a lift in his voice.
Neal Hutton, Fire Chief Appointment.  Turner retired, they said he passed the age limit.  I wonder, did he retire or did the Fire Department have an actual age limit?

I hope you have enjoyed these articles.  If you have any comments or more to add, please comment.  Thank you.


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