Jerry Lee’s Barbecue Chicken ! ! !


My brother and his wife came to visit one time (years ago now) and asked if we used foil pouches on our grill.  I did not know what he meant.  He said he would like to make us chicken.  Of course, any time someone wants to cook, why would you ever say no?  So, he showed us how he made it and it was delicious!

I love it and made it several times.  I have since been unable to eat that type of food, but I remembered the chicken and and made it today.  I am able to have a little more to eat, but only able to eat stuff like this rarely.  It is a simple recipe, but oh so very good!  You may all already have been making it for years, but I am going to share anyway.  We had one difference I believe.  It has been so long now, that I do not remember.  I think, however, that he used a seasoning called Old Bay.  He would say he just loved it!  He also loved Sweet Baby Rays barbecue sauce.  I can still see his smile and his eyes light up when he would say “Sweet Baby Rays”!  He had a special way of saying it too, with sort of an accent and emphasis!   What a nice memory to have.

Anyway, it is, of course, cooked on the grill.  You use heavy duty foil and you (yikes, I hope I can describe this)  You lay the foil, one piece north and south and one piece east and west.  This allows a “square” in the middle that is double thickness.  You spread a little oil over the square.  You put Old Bay, or I used Steak and Chop seasoning over both sides of the chicken.  Top this with sliced onions and liberally spread Sweet Baby Rays over the top.  Close up one pouch one way and then close the second pouch the other way.  This is to ensure that it is sealed well so that when you flip it, you do not lose all of your sauce. Do not close it flat, but close it like it is sort of a tent.  I am not so certain that I have the exact recipe after all of these years, but it is still good this way. This is how I made it today for lunch.

I believe he said the grill should be at 350 degrees, but I am not sure about that either.  I remember that from time to time we lifted the lid to cool down the grill.  Anyway, the pouch will “balloon up” as it is cooking.  I cooked for 15-20 on one side and then flipped it over.  Cooking time will, of course, depend on the chicken breast’s thickness and size.  I did use a tenderizer and pounded it much thinner than how it came to decrease the cooking time.

The main point here is that this is so delicious!!!  I sure do miss my brother.   I am glad we had that time!  When he cooked this chicken there were about 10 people that were here.  What a great meal we had and what a great time.  All I can say is, (emphasis and accent)…. SWEET BABY RAYS!!!!

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