Everything is labeled “Cody”!!

Cody – a very systematic, sort of perfectionist, methodical??  person.  When he was in third grade, the last grade that he went to public school, I was called in by a teacher who was complaining that he was too “neat”.  She said it was a problem.  When you opened his desk drawer, the pencils were arranged with the erasers all at one end and the points at the other end.  I feel like she thought that this might upset me but my comment was,  “Well, if they were mixed up, you might get stabbed by the point when you reached for one.”  She was not happy with my response at all.  She asked if  I got it, he is too neat.  Actually, I have not considered being too neat a problem.  She waited for my response, which must have disappointed her again.  I said, well, at home we like for things to be organized.  Maybe he got it from me.  We clean his room and everything has a place. She told me it was not normal for children to be that organized.  I suffered through what I thought was a silly meeting and assured her that it was okay to be organized.  I am positive she was not thrilled.  I really did not appreciate anyone wanting my child to be more sloppy, either.

Then, there is this nephew that I have!  Haha!  He is so great at coming up with all sorts of pranks, funny things to do, and just a fun person to be around. He is so quick thinking. I do not believe there is another around like him.  He is about 16 years or so older than Cody.  Forgive me here, I am getting terrible at ages.  I still think of my nephew as about 17 years old and my Cody and Shelby as teenagers. Lol.

Cody maintained neatness to a degree.  Do not get me wrong, his room was not always the neatest, but there were certain things that he had to keep in order.  The main thing with this story is to tell of an issue with the drinking glasses.  It seemed that all of the glasses were always dirty.  We repeatedly would tell everyone to keep their glass for the day and rinse it and keep using the same one.  I am sure that others have/had this same problem, because I remember my mother telling us the same thing.  I assume that Cody was a bit tired of being told about the glasses and, of course, it was not him at all.  He did not appreciate being accused of something he did not do.  So, Cody came up with a plan.  He taped a piece of paper with his name on it to his glass.

My nephew was here one time spending the night.  The next morning he saw this label on the glass.  He asked about it and I explained to him what it was for.  I am laughing while writing this.  Haha.  He asked for some paper and tape.  He immediately made a bunch of “labels” with the name “Cody” on it in his best imitation of Cody’s writing.  He then began to tape them to every glass, cup, plate, piece of silverware, any item he could find.  Haha.

Cody is not a morning person at all.  When Cody woke up and came upstairs he was looking around puzzled at all of these items with his name on it. My nephew asked him, “Cody, what is up with all of this mess you have made?”  Haha.  Cody looked a bit perplexed and then Cody and all of us broke into laughter.

We have had so many good times!  I love you all and your senses of humor!  Keep it up!

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