Back To Those Tree Frogs . . .

Remember my story of the tree frogs . . . Saturday night after all of the rain, the screechings were beyond belief. We had to remove them.  There were 20 that we caught this time.  Here they are in their little relocation homes.  Some of the homes house two.  We had one right outside of the back screen door and he was probably the loudest of them all!  OMG!  There was no way possible to sleep with that. It took so long to find that one.  He was as loud as could be but impossible to find.  We looked in the grill, behind decorations, on the siding, behind the window shutter, everywhere! He was sitting on the porch light! I knew that he was so close to the door.


This picture is of the master catcher proudly counting his bounty!


This picture is of the happy girl getting to take them home with her.  We have no idea why she wants them and why they make her happy, but we are VERY happy to let her have them.  This is her second installment.    The first installment we took out to her ourselves but was only about 7 frogs.  She was thrilled to get twenty.


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