A Penny For My Thoughts?

Wow!  I cannot believe I have not written anything lately.  I apologize for my inconsistency.  I have had tons of ideas and thoughts, but just have not written down anything to post.  As I am thinking of things to say, I wondered, how about just sitting down and saying what is on my mind with no particular story?  How about just putting down my thoughts?  I wondered if anyone would care to read it.  Haha.

Life has seemed more hectic than usual.  Of course, with Shelby getting married, there has been more to do.  Planning, making decorations, looking for dresses, etc.  Shelby did get married as was posted earlier and now comes the reception.  That is actually all planned, we just need to do the work now. Shelby and her husband were also house hunting so we had to go look at the houses they were interested in so Dad could give his approval. The hunting was most every weekend for awhile.  His knowledge as a carpenter helped a lot with the house hunting.  I think the children tired of us saying no to each house, though because  they looked at a house without us, made an offer and they close soon! We have only been able to do a drive by.  The outside looks nice and the neighborhood seems nice. I am sure they chose well.

Summer is approaching . . .  well, maybe, if the weather can make up it’s mind.  I think it is debating between a mild winter and a hot summer right now.  Either it feels like it could snow or it is really hot. The outdoor work takes up a lot of time, too.

One thing I can say is that we did try the homemade weed killer and it really does work well!!!  It feels so much safer than using other weed killers such as Roundup.  If you would like the “recipe” it is:  1 gallon of white vinegar, 2 cups of Epsom salts and 1/4 cup of Dawn dish washing soap (the original). It works pretty quick.  I did think our yard smelled like a dill pickle for awhile though.  Haha!

When I write my thoughts, I may tend to jump around a bit and that may not be good.  I wonder if people can keep up with my thoughts dancing all over the place.  I will try to keep my thoughts on Summer beginning.  We still have not opened the pool yet, but that will come soon.  Wes only has one full day off, Saturday, and the pool takes up most of the day to open.  When his Saturday is a rain filled day, nothing much outside can be done.  The decorations for summer weather will have to be taken out of storage and set out or hung up.  We have most of them out and it is nice to sit in your decorated yard and see all of the green grass, trees, flowers, etc.  It is just beautiful outdoors!  God sure gave us a lot of beauty to behold.

We usually grill all year round as the grill is just on the deck right outside the back door.  However, it seems to be more exciting when the weather is like it is.  I have all of the weird food issues and have not been eating much, so I do not cook like I use to.  I think I spoke of the issues in a prior blog.  To refresh, though, I am gluten intolerant, cannot have salicylates or nightshades which leaves few foods to eat.  Good news, though . . . I am a great deal better!  Being better means I am cooking more because I can eat, too!  Funny thing, when you stop cooking as much, you are not as good as you were and you feel like a new cook and make several mistakes! Today I was grilling chicken and using my brother’s recipe. I was smiling, thinking of him, as I was making it.  He taught me a method of cooking by putting the food in a foil pouch.  Cooking time is less and it is more tender.  We do not cook with pouches all of the time, just some of the foods we cook that way.  I followed all of his directions, at least I thought I did!  Haha.  When I brought the food in and opened the pouch of chicken, I had not put ANY barbecue sauce on at all!  Grrrr!  It usually soaks into the meat and it is flavored through and is so tender.  Now I just had chicken that appeared to be boiled and contained spices.  It did not even smell appetizing.  I was able to add the sauce and make a new pouch and cook it a bit longer and it turned out as good!  Wes did not know what I had done and he said it was good and just like he remembered having. (We have not been able to have barbecued foods for awhile, due to my issues.  That is why he said it tasted like he remembered).

I guess this blog is about getting ready to enjoy Summer. Well, actually, it is enjoyable getting ready for Summer, too! I hope you all will enjoy yours as well! Let me know your favorite Summer memory or tradition.





2 thoughts on “A Penny For My Thoughts?

  1. Good to see you back and doing well. My cousin’s name is Shelby too. She got married a few yrs ago and now has a beautiful son and new baby girl! Oh to answer the question my favorite summer memories are sitting by the pool with my (now late) cat Chelsea. Have a great weekend. 🙂


    1. Thank you! I will be catching up on reading your posts!! How neat about your cousin! I am excited about possible grandchildren! Sorry about the loss of Chelsea.


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