Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to you! Remember to thank God, your husband and/or father of your babies and your babies for the honor, privilege and blessing of those babies!  Love them extra special today.

When I was a child, I always wanted to get my mother a present that would make her so very happy that she would cry.  I wanted her to have what she had always wanted.  She usually always wanted a rose bush, but there were other things as well.  She could always use another rose bush.  Lol.  Every mother’s day, I think of a rose bush and every rose bush makes me think of my mother.  I miss her and loved her very much.  She was my BEST friend!

Mother’s day to me now that she is gone? I think she was the best mother ever, as does every child regarding their mother, I suppose.  I do think she was the best ever, though.  I wanted to be as loving to my children as my mother was to me.  I do love my children more than anything.  They are all I ever wanted out of life, that and a great husband.  On mother’s day,  I really, honestly just want my children to talk to me and love me.  That is all.  I want nothing, nothing at all.  I actually do not much care for mother’s day.  As I posted yesterday, I would really rather have a “Kid’s Day”.  They are the reason a person is a mother.

When you go to church around mother’s day and they speak of mothers biblically, it makes me feel so inadequate.  What women to measure up to!  I can never be like them.  After you hear how perfect they are/were, it does not make you feel much like being celebrated as a mother.  I have not been perfect.  I have made mistakes.  I will say, though, that I have always, always, loved my children with all of my heart and with all that I have.  I always will love them that much.  Yes, I had shortcomings.  I regret that I did, but I am not perfect.  At times, I wish to do it over.  My husband says I watch too much of the hallmark channel and shows starring the perfect parents and perfect children.  Haha.

I feel that there does not need to be a day for mother’s or father’s.  My father and mother always said that they are holidays that hallmark makes up to profit from.  Haha.  They said mothers and fathers should be treated kindly every day and I agree. Children should be treated kindly every day too.

Anyway, I am not meaning to be sounding depressing here or anything, I just feel like I said above, the reason you are a mother is because of your children.  I feel that on mother’s day, I should be thankful for my children and honor them. I do not mean that you should be thankful just today, I just mean that I feel that it is the reason for today. I have shown this better on some years than others, physically.  The children had to work or had to be gone one year so Wes asked what I would like to do for mother’s day.  I said I wanted to do something for them while they were gone so I cleaned their rooms and he helped me as his gift to me.  They were so appreciative that it was one of my best gifts that I received.  Another time, because I was so thankful that they made me a mother,  I made them all of their favorite meals and treats.  There have been other things we have done for them on mother’s day like that too.  Sometimes I do accept an invitation to my favorite restaurant, but I sure do love my babies.  They are exactly what I always wanted. They cannot be with me today or otherwise I would spoil them rotten!

Well, now you know what I think about on mother’s day.  Thank you, my dear, sweet children for making me a mother and thank you my dear, sweet husband for giving them to me!  Thank you God for the gift of them all!


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