Happy Children’s Day!

I do not know if the children will remember this or not, but….

Our children were home schooled as you may remember reading on here in prior blogs.  One day during school as Mother’s Day was nearing, I discussed something with the children.  I told them I wondered why there was a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day.  I told them I thought there should be a “Kid’s Day”.  They were really excited about this and totally in agreement with me!

We discussed just exactly how we should celebrate this day.  They, of course would not like to have flowers, so a gift would be in order for them.  They agreed it should be a gift of a toy or a game rather than clothing or something useful.  They wanted to have their favorite meal that day.  Well, there were two of them, so if they could not come to an agreement on what to eat, we decided that one could have their favorite for lunch and the other could have their favorite for supper.  Perhaps, they thought, they could agree on a place to eat out for one meal and then have a favorite home cooked meal for another.

I thought that they should, of course, spend the entire day with me and when their father was off of work, him as well.  They could not just play in their rooms alone or watch television alone, they had to be together with us so that we could properly celebrate “Kid’s Day”.  They surprisingly agreed to this as well. We would play games, watch a movie together, go for a walk, sit around the fire or any family thing they could think of.

The next issue was what day we should celebrate Kid’s Day on.  After a lot of discussion (about a minute), we decided it should be today for the first day!  Haha.  What a great time it was.  We stopped school and went shopping for their gifts and then we went shopping for the meals and treats they may want to have.  They use to always want my home cooked meals rather than eating out because we did not eat out much when they were little. They usually wanted either spaghetti, lasagne or pizza! Then we spent the day and evening playing and just being together!

We decided that we should keep Kid’s Day on a school day because it was more fun to skip a day of school and that made it even more of a special event.  Who would not want to miss a day of school for fun?  We did decide that it should be between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day the next year.   I do not remember when we stopped doing this and I do not remember why we did.  We should never have stopped!  They are what is important!

What could be more important or exciting or fun than celebrating the gift of your children.  What great times we had.  I think we should start this again and get together and do this every year!  So, children, listen up and let’s plan on this!  We love you very much!

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