Don’t Look At The Light!!!

We all know that I do not like insects, bugs, spiders, etc.  I especially do not like camel crickets or praying mantis.

I was thinking about the movie, A Bug’s Life.  There is a quote that I can never forget and we quote it so often for reasons other than how the movie used it too.  When we see a deer, we all yell, “Stay away from the light!”  After googling it, though, I found out that I have been quoting it wrong all of this time.  No biggie, I do that often.  Haha.

I always said, “Stay away from the light!”  The actual quote is a bit different.  Harry is a fly in the movie who is attracted to the bug zapper.  His friend wants him to not be hurt.  Harry’s friends says, “No! Harry, No! Don’t look at the light!” Harry says, “I can’t help it!  It is so beautiful!” Then, Harry gets electrocuted and there is the noise of a frying bug and he dies with a wail.

Bugs/insects always go to the light.  You have to watch it when in the yard or on the deck with the lights on because the lights have so, so many bugs around it.  You find yourself sitting there and swatting at them.  It is best to leave the lights off, but then you cannot see as much. When you leave your porch light on so you can see to get into the house at night, you have to make the mad dash to get in with letting as few bugs in as possible.  The worst is when those locusts come in and hitch a ride in on the  back of your shirt.  June bugs are even worse!!!  So, so gross! Yucko!

Well, why was I thinking of A Bug’s Life?  I was downstairs in the basement getting ready to get into the tanning bed.  Even though the basement is a finished basement and is nice, there are parts that are not so finished.  The laundry room is not finished and it is off of the finished area.  Next to the laundry room is the room where the tanning bed is.  The laundry room, perhaps because of the hook ups for the washer and the water heater and furnace being there, has been known to have some bugs/insects.  Therefore, when tanning, I often times think of the bugs/insect.

Today, while I am the tanning bed, all I could think of was that I hoped all of the bugs did not congregate to the “light”.  A lot of the time that I was in the bed, I kept saying, “Harry, No!  Stay away from the light!”  The next time, I will get it right.  I will say, “No, Harry, No! Don’t look at the light!” Haha.


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