Charleston, Illinois Booklet – Forgotten Page!!!

This page was opposite the cover and I failed to post it, I am sorry!  It is a really neat photo, though.  I am glad that I found it!

This booklet shows such pride in the City!  I love it!

Was Midwest Homes not the same as the Reasor Homes?  I remember IBC Homes, I think at the beginning of Reynolds or Douglas?  My home on Meadowlake is a Reasor home. I thought IBC Homes developed this area here where I live and the office was an A-Frame at the beginning of either Reynolds or Douglas.  I think there were some pre-fab homes built on 12th and 13th Streets, but I am not sure.  Does anyone know anything about these homes?

Anyway,  this is a great page and neat pictures, in my opinion!

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