Office Mishaps . . . Continued

Now, for the second most embarrassing moment in the office. This was not in the same office that the other one happened in, but it was still in a downtown Chicago, Illinois, law firm.

I am not even sure that I can explain it in words well enough, but I will try my best.  This actually was more embarrassing than the first one, and the most embarrassing moment, but it is the second one I am writing about.  Lol.

My desk was in an L shape.  At the smaller part of the L was my typewriter.  Yes, haha, I said typewriter.  We did not have a computer then.  I did, however, have a memory typewriter.  It was a bit like a computer as it had a memory and you could save things on a magnetic card.  The typewriter had a memory capacity of its own of a page or so, I believe.  You also could store the smaller documents of a page or two on a number that was available on the typewriter.

Anyway, I had not been working there that long.  You know how it is when you have a new job and when you start learning and feeling comfortable, it sort of shows in your attitude?  You start walking around with a bit of confidence showing?  You start acting like you know what you are doing and no longer hesitate in your actions.

Well, I was typing and my boss came over the intercom asking for a document.  Instead of stopping what I was doing and taking my time, I reached behind me to the file drawer to pull out what it was he needed. I quickly flung open the drawer.  I guess it was  with such force that it made my chair fall backward.  This caused my legs to be wedged under the desk (the smaller part of the L where my typewriter was) while the back of my chair was on top of the opened drawer. I do not know if I explained it well enough, but my chair is falling backward while I am in it and I am wedged in place. This position, of course, made my dress go up over my head.  I am stuck and I cannot move, not even to pull my dress down.  I cannot see as my dress is over my head.  Ugh!

I am, of course, embarrassed as can be and trying to figure out how I can get up without falling on down and hitting my head or knocking more stuff over.  I was concerned that with the bottom file drawer opened that if I moved too much, the entire cabinet would fall over with me on top of the bottom drawer.  For some reason, I did not scream or anything, I was just sitting there stuck.  I honestly did not know what to do. I could not move my legs as they were completely stuck under the desk.  My arms were stuck somehow. I was slightly concerned about what would happen if I rolled sideways. There was a trash can under my desk as well and somehow that was involved.  I do not remember what happened, I think my arm may have been in it. I think my other arm was still holding the drawer and my chair was on top of that.  I was not hurt at all yet, other than my pride, and I did not want to make a movement that might injure me.  I felt like a bug on his back.

I really could not move my arms much to pull down my dress.  I cannot explain why, but I was in such an awkward position I could really not move anything.  My dress being pulled down was what I wanted done first and foremost, so I was carefully attempting to do that.  Suddenly I hear laughter.  This is not good.  It was not my boss, but it was one of the other attorneys.  He just stood there laughing.  Now I am a bit angry.  I tell him to pull down my dress and get me up.  He just laughed  more for a bit and probably made some comments that he considered funny and I think we conversed for a bit . . .   Him making comments thinking he was a comedian and me demanding he get me up.  He finally assisted me.

He had great fun telling the story around the office.  I basically walked around with a red face for awhile.

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