City of Charleston, Illinois . . . Part 7 and Final Part . . .

This is the final part of the booklet.  I am sort of sad that it is ending.  It is such a fun little booklet! But…. I have other books of Grandpa Hutton’s concerning the City of Charleston, so I will probably post some excerpts from those, but they are not as entertaining probably.  I still have some clippings from his scrapbook as well.

I like how they say if it is worth doing it can be done in Charleston.
The lake is improving today and looking like it could become a great place again.  Seeing Eagles is a real highlight!
And the Coles County Fair is still claiming the title of the oldest!  It’s centennial was the year I was born!
The final page.  So, it was available through the Chamber of  Commerce.  Still no date throughout, but you can call phone number 5!  I wonder what “the following” was?  I suppose since it said memoranda, you were to write your own notes as to what you wanted to phone for?

Well, thank you all for reading.  I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.  I wish people were as passionate about Charleston and things today as they were back then.  They truly were The Good Old Days!

I will be posting other stuff regarding Charleston at later dates. Thank you again!




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