Bunnies and Shelby . . . OR … HEYYYYY BUNNNNYYY!

I was at Rural King Saturday and, of course, you can hear all of the “Peep Peeps” as Cody and Shelby use to call them.  Rural King has baby chickens, ducks and bunnies.  We went and visited them all, of course.  I feel a bit sorry for them all cramped up in the containers.  There was one at the highest point just sticking his head out as much as he could.  That reminded me of my little brother letting out all of the quail that I blogged about earlier.  Well, one thought leads to another in my mind and I have a few things to blog about now.  One that I will post later will be about Shelby and a large chicken.  Well, that brings to mind another so there will be two stories about Shelby and large chickens. Actually one is a chicken and one is a rooster. Another will be about Wes’ mom and her bunnies in Sullivan, Illinois.

This one, however, will be about Shelby and a bunny.  Every Easter Sunday a human sized bunny rabbit would walk right around our corner with a bright colorful basket.  The bunny was white and wore a pink plaid vest and a bow tie. Shelby saw that bunny and her pretty little face lit up in all smiles, her eyes just shining.  She was jumping up and down and calling in her sweet little voice, “Bunny!  Bunny!  Hi Bunny!” I was so excited that they got to see this and that a bunny was actually in the neighborhood.

To my surprise, and dismay, that bunny ignored her completely.  Shelby was so close to the bunny and we were all outside.  We were very noticeable.  You would think that if someone were walking around the neighborhood dressed that way, they would expect to wave to any children they might see.  That bunny should have imagined the effect upon a child when what they thought to be the Easter Bunny ignored them??!!  I was so upset, I wanted to go talk to that bunny!

Of course, the Easter Bunny is not the point of Easter, but the children knew all about Jesus, so I saw no harm in the Easter bunny and Easter baskets.  For this bunny to ignore the children that way was terrible! That person had to know that children would be excited to see them when they were obviously walking around on a notable day in a very noticeable costume.  Why were they even doing this if they did not want to be noticed???Did they really want to convey that the Easter Bunny was rude and mean?  I could not believe the behavior. We distracted the children and all was well.

However, the very next year….same bunny, same behavior.  Little Shelby was all excited again and ran closer and was calling to the bunny and waving again.  Sadly the bunny still ignored my sweet little girl.  I was really considering following that bunny and having a talk, but I felt it best to distract the children and make them happy again.  I even used the old, well that probably is a helper and they are grouchy, do not let their actions affect you.   Either Shelby or Cody said that the real one would be really mad at this bunny.  (Keep in mind, as mentioned in other blogs,  that Cody did not believe in any of this at all and was only supporting Shelby, so I cannot really remember if Shelby said it or if Cody said it to help Shelby cope.)  We again, had a nice time in spite of the bunny and his ways.

You guessed it, the next year, the same thing exactly!  Well. . . not exactly, Shelby had a bit of a different attitude.  She is three years older now you know! We are all outside and sure enough around the corner comes the bunny. Shelby is old enough now that she remembers the past encounters.  She is still such a sweet child and is so excited when she sees the bunny.  She runs closer to the end of our yard and exclaims, “Hi bunny!  Bunny!  Bunny!  Hi!”  Shelby is all smiles and so very excited.  The bunny is it’s true mean, grumpy, rude self.  Cody and I are watching and are very sad and angry at this bunny. I have no idea why it is like that.

You really had to see Shelby here, she was so cute anyway, but this was great.  Shelby loses her smile and gets a little frown on her forehead and her eyes seem to become darker in color.  She puts her little hands on her hips and stands tall.  She is just looking  more cute here!  She uses her deepest, loudest voice (which is adorable sounding) and with anger states (she does not call out here, she simply states) “HEYYYY …..BUNNNNNYYY!!!”  I wish I could let you hear how it was said.  Guess what the bunny does?  Walks right on by.  Darn that bunny! Unbelievable!

I also wish I could do a better job of telling these stories so that you could actually visualize them because this was so priceless.  Each of the times Shelby took this mistreatment from this bunny and was still so sweet and innocent.  She was sweet again and finally she had had enough and stood up for herself.  Cody and I watched her transformation from happy to angry.  Even angry, she was still being so sweet about it and so very cute! Her voice, though… haha, when she angrily stated HEYYYY BUNNNNYYY!, Cody and I lost it.  As I remember, we even fell to the ground and were literally rolling on the ground in laughter.  Shelby was great!  Finally giving that bunny just what it deserved, we were so proud of her!  The bunny, of course, never acknowledged that either.  That did not stop Cody and I from our admiration of Shelby, though.  The bunny went on by and Shelby, with her hands on her hips, looked down and sighed and shook her head.  Cody and I erupted in laughter again.  This was too cute.  Shelby started giggling and joined us on the ground in our laughter.

We have not and will not forget this rude bunny.  In fact to this day, when someone is rude or mean, we sometimes will look at each other and say, HEYYYY BUNNNNYYY!!!!  It gets the point across to each other and we all know what the other means when this is said.


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