Do They Have Enough

It is so very hard.  You gave birth to them, you watched over every move they ever made.  You loved them with more than you ever knew you had to give.   You still love them with more than you knew you could. You still try to watch over their every move, but they no longer live with you and they are grown!  Haha.

I recently had to replace a windshield wiper.  When it was snowy, I was using a broom to sweep the snow off of the windshield because I could not reach it with the scraper and the wiper blade fell off. It broke and could not be reattached.  I must be more powerful than I knew!!  Go me!  Consequently, I had to have a new wiper. Obviously I had started to write this awhile back because it is 58 degrees today, April, and it has not snowed for awhile. I promised to post on each Thursday, so I found this one and thought I would finish it up and post it.  I have several drafts of things that I intend to post at some point as I write them as I think of them.

Back to the wiper, the auto shop person told me they were relatively new appearing to him and that I should just buy the one that I needed.  I had no idea what type to get so I took his suggestion.  It cost me $31.00.  This is stupid, but I LOVE that wiper.  I feel sort of silly loving a wiper, but it is really, really nice.  It is a Rainx if any of you know what that is, but I am impressed with them.  At a later date, my other wiper was not cooperating.  My husband suggested that I go get the other blade.  It was cold and I did not want to stop to get it and I figured perhaps it had some ice on it and was dragging.  Sure enough, that is what it was and it works fine.

What does this have to do with my children?  Well, I was standing at the stove frying some cheerios and my thoughts were running away with me.  I thought of the ability to just go buy that other wiper blade.  I remembered a time when we may not have been able to afford a wiper blade right away.  These things were the unexpected bills.  I was remembering the hard times and how we made do so that we could do the things the children needed.  Anyway, the point of this story….I was thinking of them and I was wondering if they had the money to just go buy a wiper blade if they needed to.  I figure that they may be struggling at times as we were due to the times.   Sure, they do not have 5 children living with them but times are so tough.  My husband and I always discuss how could someone starting out alone, with one income, make it these days.  There are so, so many taxes, fees, charges and things. Prices fluctuate and become so high for food and gasoline at times.

Anyway, I was thinking about this and was hoping that my children will have enough.  They have great jobs and I am sure they will be fine, but this thought did occur to me.  I just want so much for my babies.  My husband and I have both said that we do not know how anyone starting out can afford an apartment and all of the bills and then a car.  We thought maybe one or the other, but not both.  Sure they do not automatically have children to take care of, but it seems that you make the decision to go to college and then there are no career positions available and the student loans begin to eat you alive.  There are so, so many taxes, fees, charges and more and more being added.

Anyway, I hope they have enough. Better yet, I pray they have enough.


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