Exploding Mail Boxes – Revised

We were in the bedroom one night getting ready to go to bed.  I had just gotten into bed and my husband was getting ready to get in to bed.   All of a sudden we heard an explosion . . .   A loud explosion.  Instantaneous to that someone started loudly banging on our front door.

I was so startled and my husband and I both started excitedly talking about what the explosion was and who was at the door.  The banging on the door was getting louder and louder. Haha! We both realized we had better get to the door.  Well, now that you all know Wes, I am certain that you know that he, in reality, was a big chicken and wanted me to go see who was at the door! All of this was probably just a minute or so. It was a bit scary to go to the door, however, because we had no idea if the knocking was from the explosion or two different incidents.

We half jog/half creep down the hallway to the door with some uncertainty.  As we draw closer (I am sure I am in the lead) we could hear a familiar voice.  It was my brother at the door.  He is pounding with both hands exclaiming, “Let me in! Let me in!”  I then rushed to do the door because I did not know if he was injured or just what was going on!  He also was scared and probably more so since he was out there with that explosion!   He said that he was walking up the sidewalk to visit and heard the explosion.  He then, of course, broke into a run to the door and started banging, wanting inside as he did not know what happened.  Since we did not get to the door for a minute or so, he started scoping out the situation.  There would be no way that he would keep his back to an explosion. He would naturally have to turn around.  It was then that he noticed that our mailbox had just exploded!

We called the police and they stated that it was it was a prank by children.  They said it has been a happening thing lately.  They went on to say that it was, of course, a stupid prank, as they said what the children mixed to blow up the mailbox could have exploded in their hands. That would have been such a tragedy.

What a freaky thing to happen at the precise moment my brother was walking up the sidewalk.  We teased and teased him.  Honestly, everyone else that that could have happened to would have been just as scared!  We were scared and we were inside of the house! There is no way that we were not going to forever tease him about it, though!  It was just too much fun.  He is no longer with us, but he never forgot this incident and we never will.  I am not too sure that he appreciated all of the laughter we were having with it, though.  Again, where was that camera?!


So, I intentionally left out a small part of this story.  We did, in fact, have a suspect.  We were very wrong about that suspect which we found out some time later.  It was, however, two other acquaintances of our daughter.  Obviously, not close or friendly acquaintances.  Haha.

Also, I had forgotten that our daughter was also at the door with her Uncle. Her curfew was up and she was home.  My brother was hollering, “Let us in! Let us in!”  They were both scared.

Interesting thing about the suspect that we were wrong about . . . the family ended up loving him so much!

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