Cody Strikes Again!!!!

There was a prior blog, Tooth Fairy? Yes? Or No?  In that blog, Cody totally blew me out of the water for playing along with the tooth fairy idea.  If you have not read that, please go back and read it.  It will go along with this story.  Haha.

Today is April 1, 2019.  Also known as April Fools’ Day.  The day to prank people.  I have such fun memories of my mother always, always “getting” us with a prank.  We totally enjoyed it and then we would spend the entire day trying to “get” everyone else. They were usually simple little things. Mom would wake us saying get up you have overslept.  We would sprint out of bed and she would smile and say “April Fools’ Day”.  Sometimes she would wake us saying we missed the bus.  Some of her other jokes were that we had to change our clothes, we had a big rip in the dress, there was a spider on you, just fun little innocent things.

Naturally, since I enjoyed that so much, I wanted my children to have the same fun.  I would do the same thing, tell them there was a bug, they overslept, they had a rip in their clothes.  I could not tell them that they missed the bus because we schooled them at home.  Shelby would giggle and then try to get us all day with some sort of joke.  Cody never much did anything and I finally found out why.

You have read about Cody in the tooth fairy so you will understand how he is.  He has this way of bringing out the truth, or you might say that he will let you know exactly how he feels.  I am guessing that he played along with the jokes until he had the understanding of the language to tell me exactly how it is.

So…. here I am thinking I am this great mother and devising plans to play with and “get” the children on this day.  I think Cody was in 3rd grade on this particular incident.  I ran in and “got” Shelby.  Of course, she was full of giggles and hugs.  Then it was on to Cody.   I go in to “get” him and I probably say something like get up we have to do blah, blah, we are late.

Much to my dismay, Cody strikes again.  He asks me to come to him and sit on the bed.  I am thinking he must not be feeling well today.  He proceeds to tell me that I am his mother and he thought that he could always trust me.  He tells me that he knows that I will never lie to him.  I tell him that is true.  He can trust me.  Now for the huge let down.  He asks me why I lie to him and try to prank him.  He said that is telling him a lie and he does not like it because he never thought I would tell him a lie.  He added that he did not like to think of me as a liar and would I please not do that any longer. Well, that ended that I have not pranked him since.  Boy did I feel like a horrible person. At the same time, I was glad that he could trust me and knew that I would not lie to him. He, at times, makes perfect sense although it can be unpleasant to hear.

However, Shelby, you look out!!!  I will still have fun with you! I will not lie to you either, Shelby. You can trust me, but, I can play with you! I will attempt to “get” any other one that I can too!

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