Granny’s Kitchen Apple Pie Recipe … Also Known As My Mother’s ….

As I mentioned about my mother earlier, she was a wonderful cook in all areas of cooking!  I had mentioned that she opened a restaurant, Granny’s Kitchen and Bakery.  She also published a cookbook with some of her recipes and some of her recipes that she served at the restaurant.

I would like to share her apple pie recipe with you here because I am going to follow another day with a story about warm apple pie.  When she published the cookbook, she decided to name her apple pie recipe, John’s Apple Pie.  She did this because my boss at the time of this publishing absolutely LOVED her apple pie.  Obviously, his name was John.  Lol.

Every so often, she would make an apple pie for him for no reason other than that he loved it.  She did that a lot for people.  Someone would come to mind and she would remember that a person liked her banana pie and she would make them one.  She would remember that someone liked her raisin creme pie and she would make them one.  She just was a very sweet, thoughtful woman.  Everyone LOVED her pies.  The smells of the pies baking were just as wonderful as the taste of the pies!  Anyway, following is a picture of the recipe that I took from her cookbook.


When I would tell my mother how great her pies tasted, I would ask her why hers were always better even though we would follow the recipe perfectly. She would smile and pat my face and say that it was all of her love that she put in it.  I would smile and then she sort of paused and thought for a minute.  She would smile again and say that her mother would always tell her that some people just had a touch for certain things.  She said maybe she had that touch.  I am positive she did and I am sure that others who have had her pies feel the same way.

Let me know if you try this recipe and how much you love it!

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