The Good Old Days – Fudge – Church Windows…..

I have some more work to do on the blog that I was going to publish today.  I know that I have been posting more than I said I would, but I do want to remain consistent with the Thursday and Sunday posts, so here I go.  I received a comment on one of my prior blogs from my sweet, little cousin, who happens to share my birthday! To clear that up, she is much younger than me. Her comment led me to write this one which will not require as much work as the one I was working on, as I am still looking for photos for that one.  She commented on the amazing fudge that her Grandmother made as well as the church windows that she made. There were three sisters, Wanda, Alta and my mother.  They all were the best cooks ever!  I replied to her comment, that I think they got it from their mother, Lena.

This prompted me to look up the recipe for church windows.  I made them one time, or should I say I attempted them one time.  I have said before that desserts were not my specialty.  Haha.  I guess I did not do what the recipe said and my church windows all melted.  I did explain to the children how pretty they looked when they were done right, but… I don’t think they were pleased with me as I had went on and on about how neat these church windows were going to be.  Let me just say that they were not impressed.

I was so fortunate.  When these sisters got together and cooked a huge meal, no one could outcook them.  There was a sister-in-law too, Aunt Eileen. These meals were frequent. In the good old days, families got together often.  It is true that our first and best friends were our cousins.  How well I remember those days and the fantastic food!  How nice it would be to still have those days!  Not only the food, but the fun times with them all!  Yes, I was so very fortunate.

Anyway, I am going to post the church window recipe below.  When I went to get my mother’s cookbook, I was thinking about the comment that I made to my cousin about them getting it from their mother and I remembered my mother’s dedication in the front of the book.  I will quote part of it…. “I dedicate this cookbook to my mother, Lena Calhoun.  Her cooking inspired my recipes, but I will never be the cook that she was.”  There is more printed in the dedication, but she ends it with this, “With Love To Mom, Rene Hutton. ”  Typing that almost made me cry.

Michele, I do not know if this was the recipe that your grandmother, my Aunt Wanda, used, but here is the one in my mother’s cookbook.  You are right, Michele, they were so pretty with the colored marshmallows.  My children will never know since I melted mine.  Haha.


3 thoughts on “The Good Old Days – Fudge – Church Windows…..

  1. Good memories of some talented cooks…you can tell when someone cooks with love. BTW, I’ve never seen that recipe before…interesting!


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