My daughter called me this morning on the way to work and asked me if I had Alexa plugged in.  I told her no and she said if you tell her Good Morning, she says that it is Hoodie-Hoo day or something like that.  She said she could not remember exactly the day. She told me that Alexa said to yell and she suggested that you wave your arms like you just don’t care!  I explained the day to Shelby.

I reminded Shelby that Judy Frazier of Channel 3 news always made a big deal about that.  Shelby did not remember, but I always had to go outside with Shelby and Cody on this day at noon and raise our arms and yell Hoodie Hoo!  Judy Frazier said that this was to scare winter away.  I am a tad bit sad that Shelby does not remember because they were always so excited and watched the clock until noon and then we had to run out and yell!  At least now, she knows that she did, though.  Maybe Shelby can pause at work today and run out and yell!  Haha. This day means that Spring is exactly one month away.

When I mentioned Judy Frazier to Shelby I said that I missed her.  She was funny.  She made up words for the weather by combining them.  If I am not mistaken, one day she said it was muggid.  Then she laughed and laughed at herself and said that was muggy and humid.  I thought my brother, Pete, and I were going to die laughing.  Anyway, as soon as I said the name, Judy Frazier, Shelby said, “I am who you think I am.”  We both laughed.  Shelby said she remembered Judy but not Hoodie Hoo day.

Later, as I was talking to Wes and telling him this story, he said, “I am who you think I am.”  Haha.  We were all at Sam’s Club in Champaign one Saturday.  As we were leaving, a lady was standing right outside of the door, just standing there.  She said hello to everyone.  I was the last to leave and she said hello to me.  I turned to see her and said, “Hey!” Her response….. she said, “I am who you think I am.”  We all laughed about that as well, too.  We thought it was funny she said that.  Haha.  We miss her on the news. She was a fun woman. We all loved her!

Anyway, at noon….. go outside, wave your arms and yell loudly, HOODIE HOO!!!!

I hope it works!!!!!

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