City Officials – P. B. Hutton, Commissioner

grandpa hutton

My grandfather, Phillip B. Hutton, was commissioner of the City of Charleston.  At the time of his service, there must have been some issues with the lake and the water supply.  There is a huge book with plats and maps that he has and he kept a scrapbook of articles concerning the water/lake and other matters.   He also kept a diary and there are some notes in there concerning the lake and reservoir.  I thought that I would start to post some of these articles for anyone interested in the City of Charleston.

April 22, 1953 – I was not even born yet!


I will be posting more articles from this scrapbook soon.   There are several newspaper articles regarding the lake and worries of silt.   I will post them soon.

Sorry that the pictures are not that good, but they are old articles.

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