Happy Valentines Day!!!!

First off, Happy Valentines Day!

Going back to my grade school days, I remember making the construction paper “envelopes” and decorating them for Valentines Day. This was done during class time. We hung them on our desk and the classmates went around and put a card in it that they got for you.  I remember it being fun and I liked making the envelopes with hearts and lacy borders.

As far as the short time my children were in school, I remember them making a box and I feel like we made those at home rather than at school and then took the box to school the day we took their cards for their friends.  We also had a party for them.  We made treat bags with candy and small trinket gifts such as pencils, stickers and such.  They had either cupcakes or cookies or something like that.  We parents could attend the party and that was great fun to watch the children’s excitement.

I feel like I like for the children to have fun on Valentines Day more than the romantic concept of the day.  I did, however, receive a nice bouquet from my husband today and I LOVE that!  Thank you Wes! We would go all out with the children.  They got gifts from us and had a special dinner at home.  These ranged from heart shaped pizzas, heart shaped cakes, etc. I think one of the most remembered gifts was one large item that we gave to them all as a group gift.  It was a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)  with the game The Lion King.  That happens to be one of our favorite movies and a very, very good game.  We played that for hours even after we beat the game. (Cody is the best in the family at video games now.) I would love to play it again with them!

One time while my husband was with Cody coaching basketball practice, Shelby and I prepared a wonderful valentines meal.  We used icing to attach conversation hearts around the edge of the plate.  We made cherry kool-aid and dipped the rim of the glass in sugar that we colored red.  I think we may have had steak and we colored the macaroni and cheese red.  Shelby had such fun helping make all of this and it was such a pretty display.  The boys really loved it!  It was such fun to see their faces. (Shelby is a fantastic cook to this day and always plates her meals like a professional!)  I miss my babies not being around for the fun today.  Happy Valentines Day to my babies!

walking heart
This is a little rough and has seen better days, but here is a decoration my husband cut out and the kids and I painted them. 

NOW —- to the old days.  Following is a Valentines Card that my Grandmother, Dora,  sent to my Grandfather.  The back of the card just has his name and address on it.

valentine one
This was from 1913.

The following is a card that my grandfather’s sister, Leda, sent to my grandmother.

valentine 2
Haha!  Leda wrote on the man’s caption, “Quit, Dora”.  How cute.

The print on the card is rather light.  It reads in part… as some of it is now missing, “Would that I could ——–to my heart” and then I cannot read the next lines but at the end it says, “word can impart” and then I cannot read more and then it says “you.” I wish I could still read it.  I did google cards from 1913 but I did not find one like this.  The stamp on the back is green was one cent!

Again, Happy Valentines Day to you all.  Spend time with your loved ones, they are so precious!



4 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day!!!!

    Very cute cards …and I remember those elementary school days , too. Anticipation and anxiety were mixed with the fun, candy, and cards. The good old days!


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