My Daughter Has A Blog !!! Yay!!!!!

I am so excited!  My daughter also started a blog.  I have talked about her in my blogs.  This is my Shelby that I talk about. It is called Kitchen Window Chronicles.  Here is the link to her blog.  Kitchen Window Chronicles 

She is a delightful girl with a great sense of humor.  You will probably be reading a lot about her cats.  She just loves cats!  Click on the link above and you will see that her photo has the cutest little kitten sitting on the counter.  I do not like for cats to be on the counter, but these cats of hers drink out of the faucet.  They sit there until you turn it on.  I am sure there will be lots of stories.  The cat, Cheeto, that I have talked about in my blogs was her cat, too.

There will probably be cooking blogs as her husband is really interested in cooking and has all of the latest gadgets and is quite good.  Some of his foods are way too spicy for me, but if you like that….  He does make foods that are not spicy as well. She is great at poetry so if we are lucky we may see some of those posted on her site as well.

She will probably bring some smiles or even laughs to people.  Check her site out please!  Thank you.



2 thoughts on “My Daughter Has A Blog !!! Yay!!!!!

    1. Thank you Dee, she is a cat lover for sure! She will love that you follow her. I suggested last night that she follow you as well!


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