April 16, 1991 – The arrival of Cody

Our little baby boy was suppose to make his arrival in June, but he had other plans.  Or should I say God had other plans.  I use to say that Cody could smell my cooking and wanted to eat it so much that he arrived early.  When Cody was little, he told me that while he was inside of me, Tigger was there too and Tigger cooked him pancakes every day! Haha.  He actually said that Tigger was “down there too”.  So, see, my theory about the food was probably correct.

Wes and I were at my cousin’s house playing games and my water broke.  We were suppose to go to the hospital then and there, but Wes said to wait until tomorrow, so I did.  The nurses gave him what for the next day!  They said that was so dangerous.  I did not know since this was my first so I listened to Wes.  Afterall, he had been through this three times prior.  I will make this long story short and tell the entire story at another time … maybe.  Haha.  Anyway, that was the beginning of a twelve day stay in the hospital. The hospital was in Champaign, Illinois, about 45 minutes from home.  I was approximately two months early.

They gave me shots to slow down the labor every time that it started and a shot to speed up the growth of his lungs as well.  The longer I kept my baby inside, the better for him.  They educated us on everything that we needed to know about a pre-natal baby.  This was all so scary.  I had labor about six different times that each lasted about three hours before the shot kicked in to stop it.  It was very easy labor, not hard at all. Well, some were sort of intense, but not really. So, I always say that I was in labor for 18 hours.  Haha.  I had always figured that I would get to do all of the regular things like say it’s time to go have a baby, go through labor, everyone waiting, etc.

After being there for twelve days, my placenta ruptured and I needed to have an emergency C-section.  They told me that when he was born, he would look like he was crying, but he would not make a sound due to his lungs not functioning.  I was told to not be scared because they knew what to do.  Actually, Wes had just left to go to work and I could not get reach him.  I was alone.  My mother happened to call and I guess they told her to call in the family.  Wow!  Cody and I both were in danger.  It was a good thing they did not tell me that, I only found out when my mother, cousins and sister arrived after he was born.  I assume they were so worried about losing us both because Wes happened to call and they brought in a phone and held it to my ear so that I could tell him I was having a baby!  I thought that was really special of them to do and I did not even think that anything could be wrong.  I have to add here that all of the staff was wonderful.  I was so spoiled by all of them.  The nurses were exceptional and actually became friends. You get to know people after staying twelve days.

Anyway, I said this would be the shortened version, so…. Cody arrived.  He was crying loud and clear!!! Lungs were working!!!!  Shortened version… Cody had to stay there for 12 days due to various reasons, he could not coordinate the suck and swallow to eat, he had lost down to 3.5 pounds, he developed jaundice.  He did get to come home and all is well today!  He came home in a cabbage patch outfit and it was way too large for him. They did allow him to come home at the low weight of 3.5 pounds and a little jaundiced still.  I was to lay him in the window in the sunlight for a certain amount of time daily.   There was not a selection of preemie clothes that we could find.  We searched all over Champaign.  We were not thrilled with the outfit but it was the best we could do. The most important point was that we did have our baby and he was going to be okay! Thank you God for taking care of Cody and I!!!!  I love you Cody Lee Sanders.

What I would say about Cody as a person today . . . He has a great sense of humor, loves music, loves the outdoors, board games, all games in fact, almost any type of social activity, loves to be around people, loves anatomy and discussing it, I think that he loves to teach about anything actually, body building, nutrition, anything anyone will listen to.  Haha. He does love to talk. He is intelligent. He does love the Lord.

As a little boy . . . (and maybe still the same today) very, very sensitive, loving, caring, loves family, loves a good joke and played several on us all of the time, loved legos, mario and nintendo games. Loved Disney movies especially The Lion King.  Loved camping, sports, he was a great basketball player.  He loved music, played piano and guitar.  He loved the Lord!  He was almost like a little minister. He was very bold.

Anyway, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CODY LEE!!!  I am having a hard time realizing that I do not always get to see him on his birthdays any longer.  I feel like I have only missed one but I may be mistaken.  If that is so, today makes two.   I am thinking of you all day, though, Cody!

Photo reenactment.  To the right, Cody on April 15, 2016 with dad and on the left, Cody in April, 1991 with dad. 
When he was my little awesome Guitar player.  I wish he had time to pick that back up.
When he went to Eastern Illinois University.  Quite a way from that little 4 pound baby.
On the way to Northern Illinois University – Grad school graduation.  Cody – Mr. Anatomy –  With his sister, Shelby, and Jerry, her fiance, in the back seat. 
Mr. Cody now.  Still working out!







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