City Of Charleston, Illinois . . . Part 2

Following are the next 5 pages in the booklet promoting The City of Charleston, Illinois.

Sort of a neat little map showing the distance to larger cities. 


I agree about the rolling hills south of the city.  South Fourth Street is still my favorite area.  It is beautiful!


Interesting…. Labor strife is unheard of in Charleston. 


This is sort of an advertisement for industry


They are mentioning the ample water pressure again here.  

Tomorrow I will post the next five pages.  Thank you for reading!


2 thoughts on “City Of Charleston, Illinois . . . Part 2

  1. What year was that Charleston Illinois promotion booklet published and by whom? Does any library (online or otherwise) have it? Thanks for posting this – most interesting!


    1. Hi. There is no date in the booklet that I know of. Some have estimated 1954 to 1955 judging from some of the information in the booklet. More pages will be posted tomorrow. I have no idea if others have copies


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