Blacksmith-Welding-Plow Work – P.B. Hutton

Grandpa had a Blacksmith shop behind their home at 310 N. Sixth Street in Charleston, Illinois. The address of the shop behind their house was 309 N. Fifth Street, Charleston, Illinois. It was a smaller green building. The following pictures are of his shop that he had before that one. He had to build the new one after a fire destroyed the one pictured below. I do not know if this shop was located at the same place (behind their home) or not. I have been told that it was not. I have heard that many people knew my grandfather and remember spending time with him there and talking with him. I wish I had those memories. I was too young.

Grandpa at his shop that burned
Another photo of Grandpa at his shop. To the left of the picture, you can see part of his sign.
The bottom of this picture was labeled “shop fire”
Another photo that was labeled “shop fire”

Below is one of my grandfather’s invoices. As you can see, it was dated 194___. Their phone number was the same then as the one I remember. On the invoice is says 1003. I do not know if that is all that you had to dial, but when I called her to talk in the 60’s or 70’s, their phone number was 345-1003.

Grandpa’s invoice

The shop that I remember him having is still standing or was last summer at 309 N. Fifth Street, Charleston, Illinois. They were tearing down some of the building when we drove by but left the part that I remember. It may not be there today, though but it was last year. Grandma later rented that shop to a guy named Scottie. I do not remember what he used the shop for but I feel like it was something to do with automobile repair, but I actually have no idea. I remember one night I was spending the night with Grandma and she bolted out of bed because there was an orange glow at the shop. It was a fire. She called Scottie and he called the fire department. I do not know what damage it did and I do not remember if he continued to use the shop or not after that. Do any of you have any knowledge about this?

I have pictures of the shop that was behind their home but I have not located them as of yet.

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