World War II – Ration Books – Researched

Someone commented on yesterday’s blog that I should maybe research this a little.  I did and here is what I found about Ration Book 1, pictured again below.

book one to use
The back side of this was dated May 4, 1942

I found on a website, Department of History, Library, Duke University some of the following.  I am in a way quoting them but without the quotation marks and not verbatim.  I hope this does not get me into trouble.  Haha.

Interestingly, the book I posted a picture of up above, was dated on the back May 4, 1942.  I found that Ration Book 1 was issued to the public May 4 – May 7, 1942.  They were initially used to ration sugar and later were designated for other products.  For instance, it said that stamps 1-4 were for sugar.  Each stamp was worth 1 pound and had to be used in a two week period.  Stamps 5-6 were worth 2 pounds and each was valid for a 4 week period.  Stamps 15-16 were for 5 pounds of sugar each, for home canning! This article went on stating the stamps and their values.  It said Stamp #17 was for a pair of shoes. Stamps 19-28 were for 1 pound of coffee.  This was a very interesting article.  It even offers that you can print a copy of Ration Book 1.  By the way, my family must not have wanted the coffee back then, as those were the stamps that were left in the book!  I know they certainly drank it when I was alive.

Since I did not share a copy of the other side of this one, you did not see that this is Ration Book #3

The above is the back side of Ration Book 3 which I shared in my prior blog.   The article I mentioned stated that this was distributed May 20, 1943.  The coupons were used for food and other commodities.  It contained 8 pages of stamps.  Four were for meat and four for a clothing program.  The article said that was never put into effect so some clothing stamps were eventually validated for shoes.

I encourage you to google the article and read it.  It is very interesting.  Here is the link  Department of History


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