World War II – Ration Books

Following are some pictures of Ration Books that I found.

I only remember a few stories that my mother told about the rationing.  I do not remember my father speaking of it much. Remember how you wish you would have listened to your parent’s stories more when you were younger?

book one to use
The back of this book was dated May, 1942.  Look at all of the rules. I did not share the picture of the back of this book.
These are what the stamps from this booklet look like.  I wonder why they had so many left?
This is the back of another book.  I did not share the picture of the front of this booklet.  This is interesting to read.  
ration stamps 2
These are the stamps from this book.  I am not sure why they have stamps left, but there are a couple of pages of stamps in this book.

I ran across these and just thought you might find them interesting.

6 thoughts on “World War II – Ration Books

  1. It doesn’t tell if they are for gas, sugar, etc. in some cases they wouldn’t have been used due to lack of money. I. Other cases, the patriotic thing to do was to avoid using them. I guess they could have been unused due to the end of the war… or misplaced until after the war… It would be interesting to research the stamps a little.

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    1. I didnt have a lot of time this morning but I did google. Only came up with ebay …the first book I posted is in a group of 1 -4 for 139$. Nothing much is said about them. The second says rare and is 40$. I found an article but had to register to read so may look after work. It did say they usually had an item you could get with the stamp


      1. I did do some research, just a bit…. I published another blog with some of that information and a link to the article I found. Thank you!


  2. I have always been amazed how people worked together and were so patriotic during this time period. Not sure we’d do as well in present day and age!

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