Bicycle Wreck

Bicycle wreck A

I LOVE old photos.  This was in my father’s collection.  What a jewel of a picture to have!

Someone sure must have had a sense of humor.  What a great picture to stage. I am delighted to imagine how they were thinking that this would be so neat to take and decided to all not smile, to keep a straight face, strategically have the children stick their heads out here and there, and for the guy to lay across the top of the bicycles.  This is  great! Think of the planning they put into this.  It just makes me smile. Wouldn’t you love to know about this photo and this incident?

It would be nice if pictures could talk??!!  Everyone is always saying they wish walls could talk, well it would be nice if photos could too.  There is the saying that  a picture paints a thousand words and that is true as well.  Sometimes I just need them to be more to the point and to talk louder.   What a fun picture!!

On the back of the photo in handwriting, it says “Bicycle Wreck.”  That is a lot of bicycles to have back then and to actually take a picture!!  It appears that there are a lot of tires (huge tires at that) and not all bicycles.  Perhaps this was one of their family pictures taken at a family event? Were bicycles affordable and in abundance then?  Did they have a bicycle repair shop?  Were they  from a junk pile? Wherever they got the “props”, this sure looks fun.  I am so happy this was in my father’s collection and I absolutely love it!!  Too bad I have no memories of him speaking about this photo.   It would be nice to hear what he had to say.

Does anyone want to share their thoughts, or better yet…. caption this photo?


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