Fall Tree Colors – In Winter!

Admittedly, these are not the greatest of photos as they were taken with a cell phone.  I just thought it was too pretty to pass up!  It was a very cold, windy day and the sun beautifully lit the tops of the tress making it look like fall colors to me!  I just had to share.




The sunrise to the front of these pictures was extraordinary.  By the time I got into the house to go out the front door to take the picture of the sunrise, it was gone.  Just like that!  I just happened to see and act at the precise time! I am so pleased that I got these pictures!  What amazes me most is that if someone were to paint a picture like this, I would say that it was so unreal looking and how would that happen.  I find that I say this more and more and I think I have learned my lesson….amazing things do, in fact, happen!

God’s artistry is amazing!!!

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