Granny’s Kitchen – My Mom’s Cinnamon Rolls

My mother and father later opened a restaurant – Granny’s Kitchen and Bakery.  It was located on the downtown square. This was mentioned in a prior blog, “Life After The Farm”. She even wrote a cookbook, had it printed and named it Granny’s Cookbook.  She sold 2,000 or more copies of it.  Here is a photo of her cookbook.  My brother-in-law made the cover of this cookbook for her. My sister and I say that that is us by her at the stove.  Haha.  Actually all of us children were underfoot, we loved being in the kitchen with her!  We got to lick spoons and beaters, taste things as they came out of the oven and spend time with her. My son tells me that he would like to do another printing of this and sell them. He is very proud of his grandmother for writing a cookbook, as we all are.

cookbook coverAmong other things,  her cinnamon rolls were highly sought after.  They were about 1 1/2″  to 2″ in height and covered the entire saucer.  They were huge! They had a glazed icing on top.  She served these daily, they were the probably the best seller of the bakery.  I am not sure about that, though.  She sold her peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies and others by the dozens.  Her pies and cream pies sold like crazy as well!  On Saturday mornings people would come from out of town and buy a dozen of the cinnamon rolls at a time so they could have a week’s worth of them.  Others would buy 2 or three pies at once and several dozen cookies for the same reason. The cinnamon rolls were great when warmed up with melted butter.  I thought I would post the recipe here for you.

My mom was a fantastic cook and even better at baking.  Well, thinking about this, I am in error.  She was equally fantastic in all areas of cooking.  My sister inherited this talent of baking.  One Christmas my mother got us both a cookbook.  She said I was great at cooking meat and that I made the most tender and best meat she ever tasted so I got a cookbook with varieties of meat. (She was always a very complimentary mother.  I cannot make half of the stuff she could make. I sure would love to be able to make her swiss steak!)  My sister got a cookbook of desserts. I laughed and told her this was backward.  I should get the one my sister got so I could learn to bake and vice versa.  Mom, said, no, she was correct in what she did and laughed.  I guess she knew that the desserts book would not help me.  I have to say, though, that I like meat, potatoes and gravy type foods better than baked goods so that may be why i was best at cooking those foods.  You do tend to do best at what you like.

Anyway, in honor of my talented, wonderful mother, and at some people’s request, here is my mother’s cinnamon roll recipe that she sold at Granny’s Kitchen and Bakery.  This is a photo taken out of her cookbook, page 33. Enjoy!  Let me know if you remember her restaurant or cookbook.  Also, if you try making them, please let me know how you like them!

cinnamond roll to use

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