Why Is It That Bugs Want To Be My Friends???

Following is an actual  post that appeared in my “Memories” on Facebook.  You all have seen A Christmas Carol?  Alastair Sim, otherwise known as Ebenezer Scrooge,  has the three spirits appear to him, Christmas Past, Present and Future. I feel like this Facebook memory appeared to me as “The Ghost of Fall Future” as it seems to be reminding me of what is about to happen since it is Fall again. This post was from September 2, 2016.  I have added to the “memory” from how it appeared on Facebook in order to complete the sentences and so the story would be easier to understand.   Here you go:

“Apparently I have discovered a new group of friends.  They are unacceptable to me and I do not feel the same about them.

The night before last, I had a moth become attached to me and it seemed that he just could not leave me alone.  It may have been a female, but since it was annoying me, I assumed it was a male.   That thing followed me everywhere. Try as I might, I could not kill it and I could not get away from it.  It ended up actually flying  between my eye and my glasses.  That is the point where you do the fastest dance in the world! Guess what??!!! To make matters worse, he got stuck there!   Oh my gosh!!! What a battle!!! Ewwww!

The following night, I was sitting peacefully  watching television.  I guess I was watching it with a buddy.  A moth was just sitting right there beside.  I would think it was the same one, but I am pretty positive that the prior one did not live through the ordeal I put it through getting it out of my glasses.  Also, I did dispose of the little fellow.  Who knows, he could have just had the wind knocked out of him.  The fight to capture that one began!

Today, however, was the worst experience ever!  I  drink from glasses that have lids.  I feel this keeps the drink cooler. Also, I use that type  so that no flies or anything will land on them. try to share a drink with me,  or perhaps decide to take a swim.  I had poured a nice cold, delicious glass of tea and went about my business.  Some time later, I opened the lid to have a taste of tea.   It was so good and smooth tasting. I just love iced tea!  I closed up the glass and noticed something on my lip!  It was one of those little hard shelled bugs!!!  He must have been right inside of the lid and when I took my drink, he crawled over to my lip!!!  That incident made me lose my tea!

I am beginning to not like fall . . . And to think I used to love camping. I am now reconsidering that thought! Hmmmmm??”

There you go!  There is my post from this day in 2016!  Just a note, I have had a very good day without incident!!!  I hope I did not speak too soon and that nothing visits me tonight!  Haha!!

4 thoughts on “Why Is It That Bugs Want To Be My Friends???

  1. I know how you feel about bugs- my nemesis are yellow jackets. Every time I try to eat outside they won’t leave me alone. At least one will hover around me, making me jumpy and uneasy! I don’t want to get stung. The funny thing is how they never bother the rest of the family. Like at today’s Labor Day BBQ a yellow jacket decided to harass me. Never fails. I always end up eating inside!


    1. I wonder if it is something about blood chemistry? I wonder why some and not others. I do know that ticks and mosquitos pick their hosts.


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