LOGALBUM . . . 3. About 13 photos of ships

I do not know what these are.  Perhaps they are tiny little postcards or something but on this first page, Grandpa wrote, ” The present line of defence of the U.S.N. ”  Yes, he spelled it with a “c”.  I would have used an “s”.  I googled the difference and it said that the difference is that one is with a “c” and one is with an “s”.  Haha!

I am assuming you can read the names of the ships on these photos.  If not, message me and I will label them here.  

The top right photo, I believe, is too hard to read, at least for me.  I magnified it and it reads as follows:  “Admiral R.E. Coontz U.S.A. Commanding.  United States Battle Fleets.”  Then, on the other side of the photo, it reads: “S. S. Robison Admiral U.S.A. Commander In Chief Battle Fleet.”


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