This is a framed photo that my grandfather had.  The frame is just stiff cardboard but is ornamental.  He has some writing on the back in pencil.  Up at the top he wrote in pencil “1917.”

Going along the side at the bottom he has in pencil what looks like some times.  It is as such:  505 A then under it and in a column it says 6 45 then 8 15 then 9 15 then 10 10 then 11 45 then 12 30 P then 1 22 then 1 05 then 6 30 PM and then 9 45 Sat Nit. I do not know if the times have anything at all to do with this photo or if he just needed something to write on for some reason and used the back of the photo.

On the bottom right corner of the front of the picture it has embossed what appears to be the following:  H. E. WALE and underneath that what appears to be BREMERTON, WNA.

This is a neat picture.  Too bad it is not of better quality.  It looks like it is from the front of the ship and then you see the water as it is moving.   Pretty neat.

Below is what the embossing looks like on the photo.  I have zoomed in on it.


This is not part of the journal.  I had the photo so I thought I would share it.

Thank you. If you have any information, please feel free to share it.

*NOTE:  I found this information when googling after someone asked me a question.

*Bremerton is probably best known for the Puget Sound Navy Yard, which is one of only a few US Navy repair and refit facilities on the West Coast.

*Also, I thought that on the cover of the frame, the embossed part said Bremerton, WNA.  When that was googled I found that it stood for Bremerton, Washington, New Americans.


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