French Fries . . .

Everyone loves french fries, right?  At least I do and so does my entire family.  Maybe it is because my grandfather was Irish.  Haha. My very first nephew and I shared this love the most.  He was around 10 years old when we had our most memorable event with french fries.

We all lived in homes beside each other in the country.  It was awesome to have everyone right there!  My mom and dad had sold their house to my brother and were living in a trailer until he completed building their new house directly beside him. Since our family loved french fries, we had a kettle with oil in it that we cooked the fries in.  We periodically changed the oil of course.  Everyone was outside working on the house and just hanging out.  That was the great thing about living so close, too.  At any given moment someone was always outside and you could go out and visit with them.  It was wonderful!  Anyway, back to the french fries.  I was hungry so I went inside to make a small batch of fries.

I was waiting for the oil to heat up and my nephew walked in.  He could smell the oil and he asked if I was making fries. I, of course, said yes and asked if he wanted some.  That was a question that was unnecessary.  Haha.  I was getting the fries out of the freezer and then I asked if he would like to go to McDonald’s.  That was another love that we use to share back then.  I do not care for it at all now, but we loved double cheeseburgers and their fries were the absolute best! He, of course, said yes.  Off we went!!!

When we got home were not greeted so well.  Everyone was angry with us.  We were happy, our bellies were full and we could not understand what we had done wrong.  It turns out, in our rush to go to McDonald’s, I did not turn off the oil!  It was a gas range as well, so that was double the problem.  That is not a good thing to do in a trailer.  Lucky they were right outside working on the house.  They heard the alarm and saw the smoke and quickly acted.  My brother got the fire out and there was minimal damage.  Wow!  I cannot believe I did that.  Trailers can go up in flames so fast. I am sure that would not have looked good to the insurance company for the trailer to go up in flames and a new home being built!

So, another thing about french fries.  My nephew would always look over his fries and find the longest fry that he had and compare to ours and it was always important to him to have the longest fry.  I believe in high school or junior high he even wrote a paper about the quest for the longest french fry.  Last night I baked some french fries for my husband and I and I found the longest fry!  I had to text my nephew a picture of it.  That fry must have come from one large potato!  I have pictured it below.

I feel like I have to make a special note here.  We, of course, like french fries the best that we make ourselves rather than the frozen ones.  My children love them and if I start frying some, they never want me to quit until the whole bag of potatoes are used. Haha.

Check out this steak fry!  It almost takes up the entire plate!


2 thoughts on “French Fries . . .

  1. We went to lunch with some friends at Dairy Queen, one of our friends was dipping their fries in her milkshake…lol


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