Return Of The Tree Frogs………Unfortunately

Okay, back to the tree frogs….

The children were young and we were camping when we had our encounter with the tree frog in the prior blog.  The children are grown and have since moved out and the tree frog was just a memory that we spoke of and laughed about often.  WAS is the key word.  I have heard that history repeats itself and sometimes in a much bigger fashion.

Here I am alone in the house sleeping peacefully and here comes the loud scream that I remember from the past.  OMG!  Well, I will just go back to sleep and have Wes find the little fellow and relocate him when he gets back home on Saturday.  Nope!  Silly girl, think again.  There are two frogs…one at each end of the yard and they are screaming back and forth all night!  It is only Monday… I have the whole week to go.  I am so annoyed.  There is no way that I cannot not hear these frogs.

I post on facebook that I cannot sleep and all of my friends make comments about how they love to hear frogs, crickets, and all of the night noises, etc.  So do I.  These are not your little frogs that you normally hear in the night.  These are horror movie screams.  Each frog makes that noise, they do not know how to just talk.

My husband and my sister-in-law get the brunt of my issue with the frogs.  I complain to my husband about his being gone again and I complain about being sleepy.  My sister-in-law has to listen to me on the phone.  Okay, so Tuesday night I am tired and I think I can sleep through those two.  I swear, they have doubled and there are four!  I whine again to my husband, Wes, and my sister-in-law, Georgia.  Wednesday night it is even worse.  I try to get sympathy from my facebook friends, but they do not understand this is NOT a soothe you to sleep type of noise the frogs in my yard are making.  Apparently they are screaming because they are calling the entire town over to my yard!  There must be 20 or more it seems.  Every night, I discuss this with Georgia and continue to feel a little angry at Wes for not being home to relocating these.  I even went out on the deck and recorded them and played them to Wes.  He could not believe they were so loud and said there must be a lot!

Georgia calls one night and says that her son, Seth and his fiance, Kathleen, are coming to town and they may come visit me.  I quickly say please do!!! You and I can get these frogs and Seth will be even better, because I am not fond of them at all and do not want to be close to them.  They are gross, remember?  Yay!!! I can barely wait!!

So, we are sitting on the deck and I had told Georgia, Seth and Kathleen that we should be hearing them soon.  Nope!  Not going to happen.  Sure, everyone will just think I am the nutty old lady!  Well, I finally remember that I had a recording!  I play it for them to hear and guess what??  Those frogs started answering!

I have these containers that I buy by the case to send Wes meals in for the week.  I went in and got several.  It was unbelievable!!  They started coming out like crazy.  I think Seth and Kathleen were having fun catching them and were sort of in disbelief as to how many there were.   We had mentioned how it reminded us of reading about the plague of frogs in the Bible.  We thought they would never stop appearing!   So many people get on me when I say we “relocate” things.  They hope that we are not relocating them to Heaven.  Lol.  They think the circle of life ends with me.  I can reassure you that it does not, I just want their circle of life continued someplace else.

Beautiful Kathleen and wonderful Seth relocate these frogs to the lake.  They drove clear out there and delivered them.  I am so glad they did this for me and I think they were so sweet to care and deliver them clear to the lake that late.  Just to give you an idea, here are two pictures of the frogs they relocated.

Proof that these were so very many and all screaming, how could it be that soothing night time noise?  I  cannot remember if Seth and Kathleen said they were quiet on the ride to the lake or not.

Thank you Georgia, Seth and Kathleen!

6 thoughts on “Return Of The Tree Frogs………Unfortunately

  1. Ha! That’s a funny story, but I don’t blame you at all! I hate when noise keeps me up at night and worse when people think “Oh that’s not annoying” and you KNOW it is! I remember tree frogs in Barbados when I vacationed there as a kid. They were LOUD and there were literally hundreds of them.

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