McCormick-Deering Fodder Shredder – Rumely Oil Pull Tractor – 1953 Article… Eb Pearcy, Alvey Williams, Ed Rogers

These clippings are in my grandfather’s scrapbook.  This article is about his mother-in-law’s brother.  These articles are from December 31, 1953.  Too bad the pictures are not better.  I googled McCormick-Deering Fodder Shredder.  It is quite a contraption. Eb Pearcy was my Great Grandmother’s brother. I remember my father took us to visit him often as well as Alvey.  They lived near where we lived in the country.

On a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, people actually went visiting and this was great fun. You never needed an invitation, you just showed up. Most times you sat in their yard and talked and sometimes you visited on the porch.  People just showed up to sit in our yard as well! I remember that some of our relatives who lived in town would come out and sit in our yard on a hot day. They always commented on how much cooler it was at our home.  There were no buildings blocking the nice breeze!  Visiting was wonderful!  We should do more of this today!

I am sorry this photo is not better


If you google the fodder shredder, you may see a better photo.  There are so many, I had no idea which one this may be. 


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