1900’s Charleston, Illinois Postcards

These postcards are all addressed to my grandfather except for one.  The one not addressed to him is from my grandmother to her uncle.  The addresses for my grandfather are while he was stationed apparently.  Some are addressed to the USS Washington, %P.M, New York City, NY.  There are no zip codes on any of these.  Some are addressed to the USS Washington, %Postmaster, via Pacific Station, San Francisco, California.  The one to my Grandmother’s uncle is addressed to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I wonder if he were stationed somewhere as well?  It is %C.M.E.R.R. Co.

This is postmarked 1909.
This postmark is April 9, 8-9 p.m. 1909


This is postmarked March 2, 4-p.m., 1909

I wonder what the side spillway thing is that looks like stairs?  Anyone know? Also, wouldn’t the person at the top be sitting in water?  I could google it, but it is more fun to ask and read your comments! I am not sure a search would result with “side spillway thing that looks like stairs” anyway.  Haha.

No postmark but it has a one cent stamp.
This postmark is September 6, 10-30A, 1909
This is postmarked August 27, 10-30A, 1909
This is postmarked May 22, 9-10P, 1909

Just thought you may want to see some of these postcards.  I may have shared these on the You Know You Are From Charleston, Illinois page already.




6 thoughts on “1900’s Charleston, Illinois Postcards

  1. The stair way next to the spillway is called a fish ladder, also known as a fishway, fish pass or fish steps. It allows the fish to swim upstream.


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