Vintage Valentines Two

I LOVE this!! I wish you a little house without a mouse!!!!  My kind of house!  This one is only addressed to my Grandfather.
This one is totally blank.
This is to my grandfather from “his friend.” This friend is my Grandmother’s brother.  Haha.
This is to my grandfather from his sister.
This one is only addressed to my grandfather.

I do not know why most of these are only addressed to my grandfather.  I have no idea if they were from my grandmother or what.   Lots of Valentine post cards, though.  Some are so detailed and are what I could call embossed.  Most seem to be from 1910 through 1914.  What very neat cards!!!!

On the message side of the post card some say “Correspondence”, some say “Correspondence Space”  and some say “Space for Writing Messages”.

On the address side, some say “Address”, some say “Space for the address” and some say “This Space For Address Only”.  One says “The address is to be written on this side.”

I have not looked, but what a neat idea to send valentine postcards.  I may have to check it out!

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