Photos of the Chickens and Ducks!


In reference to my blog, Chickens and Ducks and Quail. Oh My! I finally found the pictures of the chicken house, chicken coop and chickens! Believe me, I was intent on finding these!  I have looked and looked, so, I am rejoicing now!

In the first picture on the right, is my older sister, then my youngest brother and I am on the left.  You can see that the chickens did have a large pen.  In that picture, that is just a fraction of the chickens. You may notice the peach trees inside of the fence.  We had the most yummy peaches!  We also called that the peach orchard.  Behind the orchard were bushes of gooseberries, blackberries and raspberries. These were, of course, out of the way of the chickens! Can you just imagine the pies that we had!  Yummers!!!

The second picture was taken from the front of the pen and you can see the chicken house which we also called the roost and behind that is the coop.  We called the bigger building in the front the chicken roost and that is where we gathered the eggs from in the mornings.  When the chickens went in to roost, we closed the front and back door. I do not remember if they all went in for the night or not. The smaller house in the back we called the chicken coop. I think the chickens just sort of hung out in there. Actually, I think there was a roosting area in the back and around the sides of that building.  I am not sure if that had a door that closed or not.   I was just a child, what do I know? I don’t know why we called the buildings different names, but we did.  If you zoom in on the picture, or look closely, you can see our ducks that I mentioned! I counted at least 4!  I do not know how many we had, I had thought we had only 2 ducks until I found this picture.

The bottom picture is from the back of the pen.  As you can see, some are free! I think you can see some of the berry bushes there as well.  I just wanted to share the photos of the chickens to go along with the story.  I love the older photos!



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