Newcastle Australia

My friend who lives in Australia sent these photos for me to enjoy.  I think she has sympathy for our extremely low temperatures that are here and plummeting…. Very cold wind chills tonight and Tuesday morning, between 15 below and 25 below zero. Dangerously cold wind chills expected Tuesday night through Thursday morning, with wind chills as low as 50 below zero expected.

Australia is completely the opposite of here …. hot.  She told me that on the morning that they went there, Thursday, the weather was suppose to have scattered storms so they thought it would be the perfect temperature to go for a good walk but it turned out really hot and she was  extremely burnt. It was around 90 degrees that day.  These photos are of Nobbys Beach, Newcastle Break Wall and of Newcastle Harbour. She tells me that there are some absolutely beautiful beaches there.  I would love to visit Australia!


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