God Made Me Ice Cream Cones!!


The snow is so beautiful!  I absolutely love it!  Everything becomes blanketed in white.  The sounds are different, hard to explain, but just not the same.  They are sort of hushed.  The snow falling makes a noise itself, the limbs sway and sort of make a crackling noise, the crunch of walking on the snow and the sound tires and snow plows make are all nice to hear. It feels warmer outside as if it is God’s insulation.

I love, love, love it at night time.  The snow is God’s big night light to me.  You can see everything outside.  I do not like night time so well anyway so the snow makes it better for me.  I also love to hear the plows come by at night even if it wakes me up.  You can see the animal tracks and know that deer have been at your house while you were sleeping.

My pastor, my friend Dorothy’s son,  told me long ago that white is a sign of purity and that may be another reason to like snow.  Watching the snow fall is such a peaceful, calming thing to see. It is like living in a snow globe.  I always say, “someone is shaking my house”! The children get to build snowmen, snow forts, have snowball fights and go sledding.  Their laughter is the best.   Snow can be such fun….and then there is snow ice cream and cancelled school days.

Yes, snow is cold and wet.  Yes, it is terrible to have to work outside in it and I feel sorry for those people.  Yes, the roads can be bad and that does worry me, but put those aside and I am sure you all would have to admit that snow is absolutely beautiful!

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